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© 2019 by In Mint Nutrition. Proudly created with Liva. 

Let’s get happy and healthy for life not just for Summer!


Hello There! Welcome Home.


I`m Liva (or Liv). I`m the heart and soul behind the Mint Nutrition and I`m qualified Holistic Health And Mindset Coach. I know first-hand that eating well, exercising and creating new habits can feel daunting, challenging or even impossible.


As a coach, my goal is to un-complicate and demystify the confusing and contradicting information surrounding nutrition, exercise, and whole-body wellness.  Its time to look at the human being as a whole. 

Mint Nutrition is the creative outlet to share my expertise, gifts, and passions — expertise from my advanced education in nutrition and coaching on behavior change, gifts such as my ability to connect with compassion and see the bigger picture of health, and passions in developing my own methods to design a way to uniquely support people in all walks of life. 


My mission is to make this world a stronger, healthier and happier place. This is no BS zone where real talk happens. It will make you think, transform and grow.  And I really want to grow together with you. ​We have a lot of positive vibes here! 

I spent years eating not so nutritional meals and drinking too much wine. My idea of exercise was comfortable pace run once a week and some gym sessions when I felt like doing something. The crazy thing is - I thought of myself as healthy human being because I wasn't too overweight and could hike for hours.


That all changed in 2017. I was so sick of myself and my thoughts. I felt down. I didnt feel good in my body. Nothing helped and nothing was good enough. I was so emotional and felt so down after weekends of binge eating variety of foods and drinking way too many alcoholic beverages just because I was unhappy. (I didnt realize that back then of course).

For me feeling this way was just normal. This unhealthy cycle of bad habits and bad food choices, feeling overwhelmed and stressed felt normal. I didn't know I can feel different. 


I didn't know how healthy feels! 


Now its my time to give back.

I can help you become aware of why you do the things you do and what you REALLY want. We will not separate the mind from the body, we create true HEALING by working with both. This is how we begin to move forward and to create new synapses in the brain that leads to long-term REAL change.


After battling my way through anxiety, disordered eating, and hormonal imbalances that left me with digestive issues, I decided to heal myself through food, lifestyle and shift in my mindset. 

I want to share my experience, knowledge and help to empower you to take back control of your own body and mind. I felt very alone and lost back then and I dont want you to feel that way. I want to help you. 

I’ve created a Facebook group for you to help you heal yourself to the happiest and healthiest version of yourself. And what better way to do this than alongside other like-minded people!? Join the Mint Nutrition Club here:

Big Plant Based Love, 

Liv, Founder of "In Mint Nutrition"

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